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Startup Centre

So you've got this killer idea for the Next Big Thing™ in your chosen field of expertise, and you have finally decided to break away from the drudgery of employment and go it alone.

Whether or not you plan on starting a buinsess with firends, family or on your own, there are a huge number of things to consider before taking the ultimate plunge and sinking all of your life savings in to the idea.

Here at the Startup Centre, our mission is to help and guide budding entrepreneurs on their journey to profitiablity, because in the game of business, profitiabilty is the purest measure of success and the one that determines the viability and value of your idea.

We've broken the startup process down to a simple series of four steps that apply to any idea whether trivial or complex. We will not ask you what it is you want to do, only why it is you want to do it, and help you determine whether or not your idea is likely to go from startup, to success.